Auctorial is a service built so that you never miss anything written by your favourite Authors, Writers, and Journalists.

Many Journalists, Authors, Writers, and Bloggers write on a number of different websites, and it can be difficult to keep track them all. We aim to do that for you, so you never miss out on a great piece of writing.

How Auctorial works

At it's heart, Auctorial is a News Aggregator which filters by Author.

Our users tell Auctorial which RSS feeds to follow from the websites where their favourite Authors, Journalists, Writers, and Bloggers are published. Auctorial then monitors those feeds for the latest articles. Whenever an article is published, we do our best to match the article to the correct Author. We then check to see if we have any users who follow that Author. All the users who follow the Author are then immediately notified of the new article, either by Email if they subscribed to immediate Email updates, or by updating the user's personal RSS feed.

Why Auctorial?

I built Auctorial because I was tired of missing brilliant articles written by my favourite Writers. I use RSS feeds for most of my online reading, and while many RSS readers have filtering options, they're not designed for the kind of filtering required to follow a list of Writers.

The name Auctorial means: of or relating to an author. I felt it was appropriate for a service dedicated to following writers. It also sounds cool.


Auctorial is primary written in Python, with a little bit of React for the Add Feeds functionality. The site uses PostgreSQL as the database, Redis as a cache and message broker, and Amazon S3 for storing static files.

The servers are composed of Docker containers hosted on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.


You can reach me by email at support@auctorial.com.